Signs Of Sexual Addiction

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  • July 23, 2015
  • Sex being part of human nature is perfectly healthy and normal. However, there is a point when sexual desire can go from being healthy to out of control. Below are signs of sexual addiction.

    Constantly looking for sexual materials – Sex has very strong representation across different media be it websites, music, television and movies. Sex addicts look for sexual content whenever they can. They can buy a magazine only to read articles on sex. They also find it exciting when they see sexually explicit scenes in music videos and movies. If you are able to sit through a love making session without being aroused, then it means you are doing okay.

    Sex addicts are likely to cheat out of mere compulsion – This means it is planned, proactive and the person who is engaging in it has little regard for the outcome. They are willing to jeopardize their personal relationships just so they can satisfy their urge. You can have very strong sexual urges but if it is making you look for multiple partners, then you risk losing your partner not to forget emotional trauma that is to be followed.

    Regular sex is not good enough – These days, a lot of people find that the normal love making routine can be very boring. There is a constant need to experiment and try out new things for some excitement and stimuli. A lot of couples engage in such things so that they can spice up their sex life but when the need becomes compulsive and makes one to do outrageous things, these are signs of addiction to sex. An example is role playing. This is a good idea but when you start to think of swinging, then there is an issue.

    An overly large collection of porn – If it’s porn that you turn to most of the time for either relief or pure indulgence, then this is a sure sign of addiction. Porn might have been cool and a big part of your life when you were a teen but if you are past your teen years and you are still downloading the latest clips and movies, you need serious help.

    The best thing is that sexual addiction is curable. With the support of your friends, loved ones and therapy, you can overcome this addiction and lead a normal life. If you think you need help, do not hesitate to get it fast before it is too late.