What Do You Know about Foot Fetishism?

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  • December 10, 2015
  • Foot Fetishism is also known as foot worship, foot partialism or podophilia. Foot fetishism symbolizes the sexual interest in feet and is a very common form of sexual fetishism but this fetishism is about the non sexual part of the body. Also, foot fetishism has a very dominant influence on both men and women around the whole world.

    Foot fetishism is the sexual attraction and the sexual interest on footwear or feet. It has been considered by Sigmund Freud that that fetishism is another form of foot binding. A Feet Fetish is someone who is extremely attracted and sexually fantasized by the feet. For a feet fetish, the area of interest and attraction is he structure, size and toes of feet. In details, the short toes, ling toes, painted nails, sole, high arches are the area of attraction. A feet fetish is highly obsessed with these sort of quality. A feet fetish does something weird with the feet that posses a healthy, gorgeous and sexy outlook. He exposes all sort of sexual behavior with the feet like he tickles, sucks, kisses, bites and licks the feet. Though, it sound really weird but for a feet fetish, it is quite normal.

    Some researcher have stated some ridiculous information about feet fetishism. They have recognized foot fetishism as one of the epidemic sexual disease. But you shouldn’t underestimate a person who is obsessed with foot and hugely engaged in fetishism. Even, you can see foot fetishism acting on some popular TV serial and movies. In “Bleeding Edge” of Thomas Pinchon, you will see a psychosexual individual who is a feet fetish. Someone, who is engaged in fetishism foot is their only fantasy. And feet fetishism still better than rape and other sexual sin, cause you are not harming anyone sexually; To fulfill foot fetishism demand, you are just embracing someone’s foot, which is a non sexual part of the human body.